Where do you put global variables?

I am coding a lot of forms for my site. Today I typoed an email and was wondering why I don’t just just reuse them. The To and BCC and always the same.

Where is a good place to store application or global variables?
I am guessing the place I will work from is option groups. Are there any other options?

It depends on where and how you are going to use’em.
I’ve seen some bubblers use a separate data type to store some global attributes, for example.

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I did this the other day and just depreciated the idea when I had unpredictable results in an email form… it made me realize that it would be really useful to be able to test the do a search for function to see what it might return when you are working on them.

If you use the debug mode and run step by step, you can explore the results of the searches.

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