Where have Bubble app owners had the most success hiring full time Bubble developers?

Bubble developers have a pretty unique skillset and I’ve seen many freelance agencies offer services for Bubble development. But I’m curious to know whether Bubble app owners with apps in live / production use post jobs for full-time Bubble developers through normal job post channels, or if instead they post on the Bubble forum or elsewhere? I’ll try both methods soon, but am looking for some advice that may save me some time. Thank you!

I’d say most people choose the forums (here) or upwork or finally one of the many “no-code” aggregators.

P.S. I’m a freelancer looking for work and my schedule is free. :grinning:

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Thanks, jobs. I’ll DM you.

I’ve seen people post on here, LinkedIn, and Codemap.io. I’m a junior/intermediate developer that has been looking to transition to full-time if the opportunity presents.