Where is a plugin used in my application?

Are there any way to discover where a plugin is used in my application prior to uninstalling it?

I would like to clean-up my dev-space before go-live, and there are quite some test-plugins that I have used, but probably not need.

How do I figure out this without deleting and getting 200 issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Use the search tool.

Then you can search for actions, elements, events, etc. based on what the plug lists.

Hardcore mode: uninstall the plugin, look how many errors show up.


Nice! Thank you!
Somehow I have’nt seen that function before.

Yeah, hardcore mode I’m used to, it just hurts a bit too much sometimes…

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Today, I went hardcore


Thanks for marking it as a :white_check_mark: solution. I want to be like my @cmarchan when I grow up.

Reality is that we all want to be like @mikeloc .


Hey @rico.trevisan !

The force is strong with @mikeloc for sure!

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