Where is the option to collapsing groups when hidden

Is it possible to enable groups to expand/collapse on PopUps? I can’t find the option for this but I do have that option on a Page. How do I get around this please?

Here’s a screenshot of the group settings on a PopUp…there’s no option to expand…is this normal?
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 09.30.00

Here’s a screenshot of the group settings on a Page that enable me to do this…

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… the reason you are not seeing the option to collapse the group is because the parent container type is set to fixed. If you change the parent container’s layout to any other option, the checkbox to collapse the group when hidden should show up.

Now, the above being said, I’m not sure what is going on in your second screenshot. It looks like you might have changed the parent container’s layout to something other than fixed, checked the collapse when hidden checkbox on the group, and then set the parent container’s layout back to fixed (I just tried doing what I described, and it leaves the animate checkbox visible even though the collapse checkbox is gone). I’m not sure if what you’ve got there will work, but maybe you have stumbled upon a bug because I wouldn’t expect the animate checkbox to be there.

Hope this helps.


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Ah, that would make sense. Thank you so much.
I’ve really struggled with the new responsiveness engine so I very much suspect that my set up on various pages is “unusual” as I’ve struggled with it a lot and is proving to be a nightmare for me (In fact, I’m putting off trying to make it responsive because I’m so wary of the process).
Anyway, that aside, I’ll play with the “Fixed” option and will move on from there. Everyday’s a school day and I’m really grateful for your time and today’s lesson. Thank you.

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