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Where's BUBBLE?

Nothing Bubble is working here… not the bubble page, not our pages, nothing… any ideas anyone???

It´s happening to me too.

None of my apps are working.

Same here. I guess because our apps are pretty bigs.
I tested a small app of a client and it works fine for them.

I just emailed Emmanuel about it.

My apps are really small so I guess it’s not related.

also having the same issue

True @ryanck I checked again the small app and doesn’t work neither anymore.
Let’s have a break outside of this Editor for doing all the postponed stuffs :slight_smile:


Just got an error trying to load working on ‘an issue’? but all is working now again.

Kind of scary though and makes me wonder how many layers of security we have? Just the thought of losing all the work sends shivers down my spine!

We did experience some issues indeed. Things seem to be back (at least here). How about you guys? We’re investigating why it happened.

ok… working again now…

It´s working for me.

Okay good. we’ll figure out what happened.

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My apps are not saving and eventually I get an error to say I must refresh the page.
My live apps are working fine.

The apps are working but they are really slow.

Right now it´s taking more than 30 seconds to load a page.

same : can’t load, or very slow then crash

we’re looking into it. Prob not a bad idea to spend a few min away from the editor…

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Hi emmanual,

Any updates on the issue(s)? I dont have a lot of time during the day to work on the app so i need to make the most out of the available time but its near impossible to work now… very slow and giving errors :frowning:

It’s been quite unstable indeed, but should be back to normal now.