Which one is better for site speed? Uploading images directly on site, or link to them using external source?

Hi guys

Just a newbie question, I’m going to build a listing sites with many images

I’m wondering which one is better for site speed.

  • Upload the image to my site or
  • Using a cloud storage (for example: Dropbox, Google Drive), upload my images there and display them using “External Resources”


Directly from site.
Unless you use external services that is meant to serve content faster (CDN services) and it has to have plugin with bubble if you are not going to build your own.
Services like
MS azure… uploadcare… AWS Amazon…

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Thanks a lot @solinz :smiley:

I use uploadcare… and bought plugin to set it up.


Usually with Wordpress site I often go with CDN like KeyCDN for faster site speed, so when i start using Bubble I was wondering if I can do the same with it.

So it’s better to go with CDN right?

And @solinz , could you share the link to purchase the Uploadcare plugin?

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Aren’t the images that are uploaded directly to the bubble D.B. actually being uploaded to AWS Amazon, after which our Bubble D.B. is just storing the AWS URL for that image?

Every time I upload an image, I see in the file manager the AWS URL representing the image URL…When I use a dynamic image in an image element I can enter that AWS URL directly and the image is displayed on page preview.

Is there a difference between using AWS Amazon as a separate storage which you would then need a plugin to link back to the Bubble site?

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Yes right they are the same. But according to his question given he stated he is newbie (which he can not tell the difference between site and aws amazoon)
He asked site or google drive or normal storage services
I said site.
Or same storage like bubble in AWS amazon but little cheaper or other faster storage places.

Yes, now I got it

Thanks @solinz for clarifying it :slight_smile: