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Why API Connector parameters are not sent as part of the body?


I know there is a free text when you can paste your JSON parameters & values but they can’t be fed from the application. It would be good to give the choice to specify how the parameters should be sent (URL vs Body).

@emmanuel your thoughts? Any workaround?


The body can be fed from the application.

As to when you use body or parameters … it tends to depend on the complexity of the date being passed in, simple parameters (i.e. the majority of APIs) … I tend to use the parameter. However in some cases you are better off sending stuff in the body … for example some maths in mathjs.

and I think Twillio needed body JSON to be passed to make it work.


Thanks so much @NigelG I did not even try. I thought that it would not work. I can’t wait to give a try. :slight_smile:

Why my API call does not appear in the list of installed plugins?

To be there calls need to be actions and properly initialized.

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Oh thanks. I will give a try.