Why Bubble page loads 20+ seconds?

Why Bubble page loads 20+ seconds?

Might be because of scripts in the header not loading, usually caused by plugins with a slow cdn link.

Check your console with F12.

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Without seeing the page, it can feel like anything.


A little recommendation.
Please try attaching as many helpful details as you can. Without that, do not expect to get a quick assistance with a question.

Bug occurs just without any special circumstances. This problem with loading occurs before the event “when page is loaded” so that I can see content of the previous page whilte it is loading.

I also have some action on the page load but they are not the complicated ones and the problem is before the page’s content is loaded.

Having so many actions on page load is not smart. If you could bring it back to 2/3 it will be beter. Maybe change them to another condition because otherwise the page load will wait on the execution of this workflows

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Run all those in backend api workflow, have it triggered on page load.

Your initial load should be faster

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Sometimes, action workflows tend to run too fast or overlap eachother, causing unexpected bugs. I guess that’s what’s happening here. Try to seperate as much as possible or go into step by step debug mode. :man_firefighter:

Why so many “Reset Group” actions on page load? When a page is loaded/refreshed, groups are typically refreshed as well.

I have all content on 1 page (it is changed by a left-side menu) and go to … is used to the current page with the same parameters usually, therefore content is to not reset

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