Why can't Bubble just increase the current plans by 10%?

Genuine question. If these current plans have worked for 4-5+ years, and Bubble has claimed to be profitable, why not just increase the plans 10% like they are already going to do [before doomsday arrives and we pay $23,498 to run an action create a new user lol]?

I think we’re all happy paying extra for the magnificent product Bubble has built. Main problem is, in no history of any product I’ve seen, have prices jumped anywhere from 10-100x for some users.


10-100X? What am I missing? I didn’t get that from the new pricing.

Cheers, Kurt

for some users

many Bubblers, myself included, have clients and apps where monthly WU are in the 10s or 100s of millions. some of these are even on the starter plan believe it or not. simple workflows such as page load counts or recursive workflows use a ton of WU.

so yes, without any optimization to the apps, currently there could be pricing hikes this high from what it looks like. or maybe I’m missing something…

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Yeah, I just check my WU logs. That’s gonna to be a thing.

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Ha ha haaa. Welcome to the club, bro.


Agree. From everyone I’ve talked to, their price will effectively increase 1.5x - 10x which is unheard of for any price updates I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’d be happy paying an extra 20%, hell even an extra 50% than use this new pricing plan which would increase my costs 500% (and I’m just building an MVP on the starter plan with 5 users!). I love Bubble and would be happy paying extra but this is ridiculous.

I can optimize all they want but it wouldn’t even come close to reducing my costs enough. There’s simply no way people can continue on Bubble with the new pricing model.


I am in the same boat. And 100% agree, just raise prices (I am good paying 30,40,50% extra). I am okay with paying extra, Bubble needs to make money, but so do we. Just don’t monkey around with capacity, workload units and such.

Answered: [New Thread] More context on our changes to pricing - FAQs answered - #931 by keith

So, when I said this was going to be a thing, I was wrong. It’s a REALLY BIG THING!
This renders my app not commercially viable.


Because the VC’s are knocking in the front door now? That 10% would be pennies, they want the big chunk

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It’s most likely because small accounts are the ones drawing a lot of resources without contributing to Bubble’s business. Logically speaking that people build unsuccessful apps all the time and running unoptimized workflows. The fact that Bubble says that they have already spoken to some people in the community, Bubble is looking to increase profitability to be able to better serve up to the actual business which can utilize bubble’s technology by becoming an excellent product.

Although this raises the bar for side gigs turning into business thru Bubble, it can also be seen as a push to be more focused on the product’s quality so that the business survives long run.

If they change pricing, that means I’m wrong, but this might actually be the time to invest time and energy into Bubble’s ecosystem because if the company doesn’t suffer much after the shakeout, only successful entrepreneurs and companies would be operating in the Bubble Ecosystem. But it was definitely a terrible idea to announce the pricing this way. Almost felt like they ripped the bandaid :rofl: