Why is my screen to the right?

I have a screen where the group goes to the right, even it seems centralled horizontally on the design screen.

It gets better when the screen width is increased:

But then when you approach it on a laptop it looks like this:

Does anybody has some idea how i can fix this?

Hey! A few reasons this could be. A useful tool that is often overlooked is found right in your screenshots— “Explain Box Margins”— select an element in your responsive editor and press that button.

Theres probably something misaligned or even a sneaky invisible element making things wonky. Good luck

Hi @lakossaack,

i see this right now:

As i am new to this tool, i do not know what it actually means or what i can do. Do you have some tips for what i can look?

hello, still need help for this

Center align the Pictureuploader in the responsive view

I get that the group is centered in the responsive editor, but is it truly in the center of the page in the UI builder? Those different size margins suggest not.

Also, this element is going to cause you some responsive problems:
Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 10.52.05 AM

My suggestion is for you to remove that element, then get the responsiveness working and then add it back in ensuring that it doesn’t break what you’ve done to that point.

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