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Why is the Checkbox so teeny tiny and ridiculous size?

Hi, no I used Jarred’s plugin for this which is great.

Correction: Wasn’t Jarrad’s plugin I used.

if you did want to use the PlugBubble code block you could do this,

$('head').append('<style id="PlugBubble">input[type=checkbox] {transform: scale(2);-ms-transform: scale(2);-webkit-transform: scale(2);padding: 10px;}</style>');

Thanks @cowontherun, appreciate the feedback.

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@jarrad @StevenM Actually sorry this is NOT the checkbox plugin I used!

(sorry jarrad!)

The one I used was @AliFarahat’s plugin which was in Beta. Don’t know if it’s out yet.


Wow, I just used the CSS tool and then tried the Jscript PlugBubble option both worked great.

This is amazing. So simple yet brilliant. You are the master!

I would stick with the CSS Tools option, it means you wont run into any issues with the code above should jQuery not be included on a page or of course use plain JS, Im not sure the exact features in @AliFarahat’s new plugin but im pretty sure it gives you options to add SVG image styles - this method is good for the custom stuff or late night codepen finds.

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Increase the font size and the checkbox will grow

Thats not the result i get by default,




No that doesn’t work, and even if it did that would be weird in a group of form fields to just have a larger font size for checkboxes.

What happened to your plugin for checkboxes, is it in the plugin store yet? I had a quick glance, it was called Checkie or something?

Guys I was talking about the plug-in checkie

DM your app names I will grant you access through the beta

Following up on this. Are these plugins to change the size of the checkbox only? Am I able to change the style of the checkbox, too? I’d like to change the color and look of the checkbox, the default (“tiny”) size is fine for my application but the gray checkbox is ugly. Thanks!

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It’s a standard checkbox. Many plugins will solved the issue, or you can create your own checkbox.

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The easiest way to do it, is just to copy this into global header of the app and setting the scale to 1.2. For me this worked perfectly.

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