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Beta New CheckBox & Radio Plugin Beta

DAM me for BETA access

Hey Guys,

Happy new year! Before I head out to party with the family I just wanted to share a new plugin that I am still working on but almost complete. Unlike typical plugins this one actually modifies the original Bubble Check boxes and radio buttons to make them look better.

Options available include

  1. Colors
  2. Thickness
  3. Size
  4. Image Support, SVG or Icons

Here are the options so far

Sample Images

Adjusts to font size


Awsome ! Q: do they stay the same regardless of browser? I know some of my icons look different in windows Edge than they do in Chrome.

Thanks & Happy New Year to you Sir :fireworks:

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If they’re leveraging the default browser controls, then the browser is still going to override them (in my experience). Like how dropdowns look different on Safari and Chrome, regardless of how I styled it in Bubble.

Yes it should. It’s compatible across all browsers. At least that’s what my tests show.

You guys can try it your self. This is where I do my testing


Awesome! It looks good to me - used Mozilla, chrome and edge (sorry, no Apple products to test with)


Now can you please address the drop downs?
i.e. in reference to @andrewgassen

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hey @andrewgassen & @proust007

is this is what you guys want


I will use it if exist :wink:

Looking forward to it!

This is awesome @AliFarahat . Any idea on a release date?

+1 to this :+1:


That would be cool! Also, is there a way to eliminate the space in the bubble drop down with the your new one? Some of mine have a space where the first option should be and then some don’t. Never could figure it out even when I thought I had.

The space appears when the checkbox called “This input should not be empty” is NOT clicked.

Your awesome, thanks! I will look it to that.

Hey @AliFarahat, any idea when you’re going to be releasing this plugin? Excited for this!

Hey @jordan.shotwell

All the major work has been completed. Planning to release it this Wednsday night. I will be rolling this out in stages so the order is

  1. Check boxes
  2. Checkboxes to switchs
  3. Radio Buttons
  4. dropdowns

In the meantime you can use the normal bubble checkbox and radio button as you dont need to use a specific plugin element. This plugin will transform the existing ones. (P.S. This applies to checkboxes and radio’s as more testing is needed for dropdowns.)



Who else wants to test out the beta?


I’d be happy to!

Hand up. I can test on iOS devices, iPad, 5S, and Mac…the teeny Bubble checkbox has always been a bugbear for me as one of my past posts mentions…

DM your app name please so I grant access