Willing to pay for UX/UI Help

Hello Bubble,
I have 90% of my bubble app built and functioning the way I want it to. However, I am UX/UI challenged. Are there any freelancers out there that would do a consult with me and give me some ideas?

Let me know!


I have taken a few of the courses from nocoder.co, (@gregjohnkeegan) and found that his design-centric style was very well structured and visually appealing. May want to head to the website and inquire, as I know that he is taking booking appointments.



@brianpattenfl - Iā€™d be happy to work with you, will send you a PM with more info.

Hi there,

We work on a lot of bubble apps and can help you with the design. Please share requirements at [email protected] or @anilamesur on skype.



Hi! Rodrigo vega from https://bluflame.xyz here,

we have made a lot of apps for client that needed personalized design and we are quite good creating and/or recreating them inside bubble :slight_smile:

I will send you a PM if you are interested.

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