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Workflow API: Only Passing a parameter when it's not empty

I’ve created a recursive workflow where a set of parameters are passed into a second workflow that writes them into a table. Essentially the first workflow goes through a list of ‘things’, and the second workflow uses data in different fields to create a new thing in a different table.

In the first table, there are 5 fields. In each row, only one of them will have a value in them, and the remaining 4 would be empty. Of course, in each row, a different field would be the one with the value in it.

What I want to pass (or record) is only the field that’s not empty.

Is that possible, and if it is how?

Hello @ido1

Different ways to approach this. It mostly depends on how you set up the api parameters.

Search for each field via “make changes to a thing” and conditionally send it to the second r-flow.

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