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Workflow Colors

I wonder if somebody noticed this before, however i am pitching in for a better color selection of Brown and Cyan color for workflows, It makes using Orange and Brown useless, and Cyan and Blue are similar too.

Either Brown and Cyan should be removed altogether or should be replaced by Beige and Yellow or some color that can be used along with other workflow colors.


Yea the colors need improvement. Some are hard to read once the color has been applied.

I feel frustrated and handicapped by the color limitation, and among the few colors that exist, some are similar.

I don’t know if I’m being stupid to suggest this, but this issue could be solved with Bubble developers implementing free color option.

Have you ever imagined having the freedom to insert whatever color you want? The level of our organization would be unimaginable, besides saving our time.

I can understand your frustration. One of the things that I have found helpful is to first separate workflows into folders and then to color them once they’re in their folders one further organization is needed. I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but one of the reasons using reusable elements is so nice is that they have contained workflows which can also assist with organization. The drawback when using the reusable elements for organizational purposes is that you do have to switch between screens when you want to change some thing about that element as related to the page to the element lives on.

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still feel @tharlesmr has a point, long story short there was no need to keep similar colors for organizing things we want to stand out,
Water colors inspired colors surely look good to eyes, however there could be better shade options.