Workflow conditionals

Hello, guys.

I’m struggling with something I thought was easy, but I cannot go any further…

I’ve a selection that a user has to made to describe how is the activity status. The first stage, there is no activity going on. When the user selects the activity it becames red (demanded but not started yet) , when the user clicks again it becames yellow (activity started) and clicking again it becames green (activity done), such as below.




To that I’m using a database with 3 columns, each one to each stage. The right flow would be: Fill column “Pendencias” (Red), then with the second click remove from “pendencias” and add to “PendenciaIniciada”, then in the last click remove from “PendenciaIniciada” and add to “PendenciaResolvida”


I’m struggling to define a Only When constrain to do that, because it is adding to the columns in a different order than I want to . I’m trying with just one wf for that with make changes in a row.

I also have a TimeStamp type that I want to register the time of each click: Fist click (Current time to HTi), second click (Current time to Hi) and final click (Current time to Hf)

Someone please can help me? Thanks!

I’d do it with:

  • one field of type Option Set: “Status”
  • 3 fields of type timestamp: Demanded at, Started at, and Done at.

Create an Option Set called “Status” , with 4 options: Not initiated, Demanded, Started, Done.

When the user clicks:

  • you change the status based on the status the user is in. (You could even add a parameter to the Option set of type number and just +1 each time the user clicks until Done)
  • you save the timestamp corresponding to the status.

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