Workflow execution rules missing from docs

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I’m experiencing some issues forcing my workflow order of operations. Namely, I need to have a multi-step process run in series rather than parallel, and the normal methods of forcing this behaviour aren’t working. The normal method being that I create a custom event, and everything downstream of that custom event should wait for it to be finished.

All of the links from this previous thread seem to be broken, along with this link that I used to use.

Where is the appropriate documentation that reviews workflow execution rules?


You will find the executions rules here
Some other details here for actions

In the first link you shared, the execution rules are stated as follows:

“When an event is triggered in run mode, it runs a series of actions, as defined in the Workflow Tab of your app for the current page. The execution happens action-by-action.”

But this is not true for my workflows, nor was I told it to be true by other support staff at Bubble. The workflow I have in question with multiple steps clearly executes those steps in parallel when steps are not referencing other elements. Not in series.

Is my workflow buggy, or the documentation you shared incorrect?

The second documentation is more relevant. The first one lack of some details. The first page is more about workflow event while the second is related to actions

Also, what is the difference between the documentation at, vs the link you shared at They seem to have similar content but not identical.

I think it’s an old version of the manual. I shouln’t use it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Use the second url

OK noted, thank you. The second link has what I was looking for.

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