Workflow order (implementation)


I have:

A) workflow
B) workflow
C) workflow
D) workflow

On the front end I’d like the user to be able to put these in any order they want to run through them all

They may choose to run C,D,B,A or B,A,D,C or just A,C

Any thoughts on how I would configure or set something like this up? Or is this not possible?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sure in broad strokes it’s super easy:

Send list of strings with order of Workflows to API WF order_workflows.

In order_workflows, first action is a custom event ce_run_workflow that takes 1 string as a parameter “current_wf”. second action is to call order_workflows with strings list minus first item (conditionally run only if string list count >1).

custom event ce_run_workflow: has 4 actions that are all conditional on what current_wf is. E.g., if current_wf = A the first action executes workflow A, etc.

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Thank you very much! I haven’t tried it yet but plan to try it soon unfortunately I don’t have a paid account yet to use the API workflow.

I’ll continue building everything else out then get the paid plan then try to implement this. Thank you so much!