Workflow to create folder in S3 Bucket

Does anyone know of a plugin or workflow to create a folder inside of a S3 bucket? I would like to have each customer have their own folder for data separation. Currently when I create a new customer I have to create a new folder manually. I would like to eliminate that step if possible.

Bubble’s internal S3 or external?

Assuming you’re using external S3 storage and non Bubble storage, use @redvivi 's AWS S3 plugin, when uploading you can specify the path the file goes into, so you can do something dynamic like userstorage/[Current user's unique id]/[filename.ext] so anything they upload only goes into their folder.

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Thank you. I am new to AWS storage. It is funny to me that the folder structure really does not “exist” and that it is more of a directory.

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That’s common to all object storage systems. Objects are stored, not files or directory.

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