Workflows are failing in Normal mode while it is working fine in Debug mode

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All our workflows are failing in Normal mode, As soon as you hit an API it throws an error “Sorry there is a temporary bug, Please try after sometime”.If i perform the same action in normal mode, we were able to get the workflow to perform normally.

Have been facing this issue for the past 3 days, Just found the issue with the debugger mode and normal mode yesterday. This is affecting the entire client operations in the app seriously and the support tickets have increased rapidly.

Attaching the video of the app’s response in debug and normal mode:

Would request Bubble team to check this at the earliest and fix it. This is causing a lot of issues for our clients

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@sriram Support has confirmed and responded to your bug report. We will keep you posted.

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We have been facing this issue for the past 4 days and everytime we try to reach out to the support team, the conversations has been on moving to a new plan.

Though bubble team has identified the bug from their end, Every time we ask for the resolution, we have been forced to upgrade to a new plan without any reason.

Seriously frustrated with the services offered here, I have been dropping multiple mails that our entire app has been down for the past 4 days and no one seems to care.

Can you help me with the timeline for the fix to happen?

Hope the bubble team understands that this is causing a major issue for our clients and help in fixing the same at the earliest.

Our engineering team is looking into it. Thanks for following up. We will reply via our support channel as soon as it is fixed.


Please help me here, the reply I am getting from bubble team has been vague and they don’t seem to understand the seriousness.

I have been telling them that our app is not working for the past 4 days and no one is ready to take it as a priority.

We are losing out on our business here and that too because of a bug from bubble’s end.

David has been just responding to upgrade the plan rather than fixing the bug, which has no connection to the plan.

Never had such a pathetic support experience from bubble before. I have also highlighted that we have faced the same issue earlier also and would request the team to check what was done to resolve the issue.

This has caused lot of confusion for our clients and the overall business. Would request you to look into it and help us solve this issue ASAP, since it’s already been 4 days now.

I am reaching out to you as the last resort for helping us in this issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Our team is aware of the issue (it’s likely a corner case in your app which is why it takes a little longer to fix). We’ll do our best we can have a fix early next week, we’ll follow up by email when we have a fix.

Sorry about this

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Any update on this issue?

Its been almost a week since we reported the issue to bubble and we are also past the timeline provided for the issue resolution.

This has been affecting the day to day operation of our app on a large scale, Would request you to help us resolve it by today at max.

A quick revert on this would be great, Instead of a revert by EOD.

@emmanuel @Bubble @DavidS

This issue is resolved now.

Thanks for helping us to fix this issue.

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