Working with State Lists - How to Clear Them?

Hello everyone…

So I am working with a couple of Lists of Things which are states rather than database fields… and with the world of states, the list operations work a bit differently.

With a List that is a database field, you get these six nice list functions:


But they don’t appear for you when working with a List that is a state.

So reading around on the forum, I have worked out that you can substitute some of the list functions

“add” :plus item
“remove” :minus item

But how can I reproduce “clear list”?

The only thing I can think of is to define a dummy empty list in my database and assign that to my state!

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Hey @antony! All you need to do is set the state to a blank value. Literally just leave it blank! No need to save a blank in the database.


Hey Gaby @romanmg

Well that was simple, wasn’t it? I intuitively didn’t want to do that because it felt like leaving the value field empty would give me an “issue”, but low and behold, that isn’t the case.

Thanks for helping me out and for your quick reply… and for all your lovely videos! :slight_smile:


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