Workload Units After Deleting

Hi Bubblers,
I’m trying to use my workloads as efficiently as possible. I wanted to find out if, I directly delete 10 things using the Bubble database interface rather than doing it through a workflow, would that use more or less or the same workloads units?

Hi @k.legoale
you didn’t use any thing related to workload so it will consume 0 from your workload units .

Thank you for your prompt response, thats what I wanted to hear. So in other words any data that is entered or deleted through the Bubble database interface will consume ZERO workloads?

No…deleting through the backend will still consume WU.

Read more in the documentation.

Damn! I’m just curious does using the backend use less workloads than the workflow?

If you’re deciding whether to delete 10 things via a workflow or manually using the editor because of WU, Bubble probably isn’t right for you.

Bubble is right for me! I don’t mind deleitng the data manually using the editor once a day if it will save me a significant amount of workloads but if it doesn’t save any workloads then I’m forced to use a workflow.

Deleting 100 things costs 10 WU = $0.003 at $0.30/1K WU overage rate. If you want to delete 1000 things a day it’ll cost $0.03 a day or take 10 minutes of your time. Your time is definitely worth more than $0.18/hour… I promise you’re thinking about this wrong and Bubble is not right for you if you’re going to be doing this.

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