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WU question: What is client side?

I heard that client side doesn’t generates WU but I’m confused on what is it.

thank you

Correct, only server-side actions incur WU costs…

Client side actions don’t have any WU cost as they don’t use the server.

Client side actions are things that happen on the page - like showing/hiding a popup (or any other element), setting a custom state value, or making certain data API calls.

But note, doing a search of the Bubble database is a server action…

So on-page, client-side workflows will incur WU costs if they involve searching the database (as that’s a server action).

For example, setting a custom state value to something that comes from the database will require a search and data retrieval (unless that data is already loaded on the page), and will incur WU costs.

Similarly, having a condition based on a database item’s value on a show popup action will also incur WU cost (as the database is being searched, which is a server action).

You can see exactly what constitutes to WU costs in the Bubble manual:

What contributes to workload? - Bubble Docs


thank you very very much for the reply

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