XOF and GMD Currency


How do I change the currency to XOF or GMD?
I am building an app for Senegal.


Two way you can do this.

-Put manually or contact Bubble technical team to put on list


@daviduptech Thx.

I guess I did not well formulate my problem.
Actually, I want to know how to setup a different currency throughout my app so that the payment processing company knows at time of checkout.
For instance, Stripe allows me to charge XOF, but Bubble does not provide me a way to set the currency throughout the app.
By default, that currency is not set on bubble and Stripe will use its default currency (USD) at time of checkout and I don’t want that.
My question is: How do I set XOF as my default currency so that Stripe charges in XOF instead of USD?

I understood! You can fix with Stripe API’s

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