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You know you Bubble too much when

  1. You’re on some website and you can’t find the “clear all” option in the right-click context menu.

  2. Documentation written by a native English speaker is confusing.

  3. There’s ten different million dollar apps on your dashboard, just as soon as you find the time.

  4. You mumble “version control is for the weak” before deploying live.

  5. You’ve tried every possible combination of “insert dynamic data”…and it still doesn’t work, so you spend another 20 minutes doing it again, and it still doesn’t work.

  6. You discovered Bubble by googling “Wordpress sucks what are my options”

  7. You’ve given up convincing friends to get on Bubble because you know how ridiculous you sound getting so pumped about Bubbles.

  8. You’ve tried every possible combination of “insert dynamic data”…it still doesn’t work, so you try again and it works this time.

  9. You forgot how you made it work…

  10. …And you just deleted the element.

  11. :pray:This woman :clap:saves :clap: lives:image

  12. :pray: This man :clap:saves :clap: lives: image

  13. Dreams are made of mouse clicks and page refreshes.

  14. You grind your teeth duplicating billion dollar products…over the weekend. By yourself.

  15. You still haven’t completed that last tutorial on the app dashboard.

  16. Your normal friends think you’re a software engineer.

  17. Your engineer friends think you’re not.

  18. The app does the thing. You’re a bubble-gineer. (bubble-gician?)

  19. You finally conquered your fear of Josh and Emmanuel travelling together on the same flight.

  20. You don’t know what the color codes on your workflows mean.

  21. You’re now objectively really good at APIs.

  22. This guy: image ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  23. You’ve said it a thousand times…it’s a mobile app… but they still just say app

  24. You know of Josh’s plans to take over the world with this thing: image
    You support his efforts.

  25. You know about the Chinese woman.

  26. You finally completed that last tutorial on your app dashboard, just to make them go away.

  27. They didn’t go away, so you finished all of them on “hard mode”. They still didn’t go away, but you learned something new, so there’s that.

  28. The statement “we don’t use DOS anymore, why should we use code?” is profound.

  29. You pray the client won’t ask to see the codebase.

  30. They asked to see the codebase. You sent a screenshot of the devtools element inspector. Their minds were blown.

  31. A yellow gift-box :gift: favicon is the highlight of your :rainbow: day.

  32. Strangers actually use your app.

:tada: :balloon: :sparkler: CONGRATULATIONS :sparkler: :balloon: :tada: ON :sparkles: 100,000 :sparkles: USERS J&E— HERE’S TO 100,000 MORE!! :dizzy:


Love it! Great post!


Awesome. :slight_smile: Plus … if I may…

  • You high five yourself when you finally understand what ‘is not printable’ means
  • What used to take a whole month to implement while learning Bubble now only takes 5 minutes
  • You take annual leave just so you can work on your app
  • You wonder why your developer mates are even coding from scratch anymore
  • You’re going to beat your developer mates to market

:rofl: very good… three more on the pile:

  • You have been caught more than once in a Forum post > Bug report > Forum post loop
  • Your pulse started racing when you moved away from the legacy plan
  • You start capitalising the word Thing mid-sentence in your emails

:laughing:These are great keep them coming


Damn…It seems I bubble too much though…:rofl:

  • You keep developing your app because you are addicted to it, not because it needs new features
  • You have officially replaced your if-then-else-jokes with Conditional jokes, and you seem to be the only one who still find them funny
  • You roll your eyes over the trivial questions asked on the board, even though they’re the same questions you asked yourself just a month ago
  • You feel slightly embarrassed for some reason, that your development team is a third of the regular size, and you feel a need to defend it
  • You skip using project management tools, because it takes more time to keep it up to date than to just implement the changes in Bubble
  • You envy the big boys with the fabled “Dedicated plan”
  • You contact customer support, and you actually get a reply from an engineer – or, what the hell, the CEO!

On the fly :slight_smile:

. You often caught yourself resizing your browser while surfing to see how responsive is a website
. You always start a new app with a lot of seriousness (defined color palette, Typography, Styles) and it always ends up with a mess
. You use your transportation time to see new “showcases” on the forum
. You don’t understand anymore why to use Wireframing/UX protyping tools (and you don’t understand why recruiters continue to ask you that…)


You’re able to remain calm when you accidentally click on something’s Reference link.


You know you Bubble too much when you’re reading a You know you Bubble too much when… forum post.

And you read the whole damn thread.
And you wrack your brain for a pithy contribution to add.
And you add it.
And you start imagining how to make a “too much when…” app.
And you spend 3 hours brainstorming the domain name.
And you actually buy a URL.
And you cancel weekend plans with friends to start Bubbling it out.
And you think their comment that “you need professional help” is about hiring a freelancer to build you a plugin.

God help us all.


This is amazing. And I agree Gaby and Nigel are superheros here.


Great guys. What a great way to start the day


You “like” every post in a topic for the first time ever :heart_eyes:


Thanks everyone for the great read!

My favs:

:sweat_smile: Don’t remind me.

I can’t believe this is still a mental leap for some of my hardcore coder friends!

:white_check_mark: DONE :white_check_mark:

This is a true game changer! I ended up building out super simple project management features that are visible only in dev mode — best of both worlds.

:angel: Keep going! Post back when MVP is ready :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wouldn’t be where I’m at today in life and business if Bubble didn’t exist. Thank you @josh & @emmanuel & team, incredible work!


Haha, absolutely brilliant!


Such an awesome thread. :joy: A few more:

  • You always hesitate at the “Current Occupation:” question when filling out new forms, and wish for the day you can just put “Bubbler” and people would understand without explanation.

  • Your friends and family ask you if you are “Inside the Bubble” instead of just ‘working’!

  • You have mini heart-attacks then waves of gratitude hit when your browser crashes, and you remember Bubble has auto-save. :pray:

  • You care more about typography than you ever thought you would, and have your go-to favorite fonts which you rarely stray from.

  • You don’t have the heart to delete your first app that you ever created on Bubble, even though it’s never going to see the light of day. :blue_heart:

  • You’ve tried to convince yourself to learn to code countless times… but quickly find yourself back home in the Bubble editor. :sunglasses:


What a cool response! I’m glad you all had fun with it :smile:

Some fun did ya knows?:

Bubble was (kind of) featured in the NYT

Bubble has it’s own Wikipedia page?

Josh has about 17 and a half blog posts that when combined, rival the length of War & Peace?

That J&E were drunk when they named Bubble (<—not the surprising thing :rofl:) ** but that AppForest was the runner up with…AppBuilder a close third!** :joy::laughing:

In all seriousness though, let’s remember for a minute where we were when we first arrived at these forums, all the help we received from all these kind and patient people and do our part to pay it forward.


Bubble is going to be big.

Like, really big.

These fine founders and their growing team share a vision to empower and enable us normal folk to build software.

And guess what?


Let’s be just as welcoming to the next 100k users as the first were to us.


HAHAHAHAHA classic Nigel!


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so me!!!


Same here!! all progress i’ve made on my MVP no matter how minuscule has been really due to bubble!