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Your thoughts on this Bubblers - Updated - Need Help Testing

Just updated and need your help testing…

Could you please test by signing up using dummy data if you prefer, I think I wired things up correctly but not too sure, please let me know if I missed a step or any other issues or suggestions. I have not set up any payment gateways so no one will be charged.

I would truly appreciate it.

Cheers folks!

Still have a more work to do :slight_smile:


I am loving that !

Looks nice.
I would rather place the <> icons on the left and right sides of theme examples, then you don’t have to scroll the page down past it to click on it. I didn’t see them the first time because they were not in my screen. I would also have a function that would let the page scroll down to the examples

Very Nice.

@cakeheke, @NigelG, @raymond, thanks much for your feedback, truly appreciate it. @raymond, I just made tweaks in regards to the Icons as you suggested, thankfully this is an external file linked inside Bubble so it was easy to update… Now working on other parts of the home page, should be up soon.

Thanks so much folks!
Mucho :heart: Bubble


I like it :ok_hand:

Updated :slight_smile:

Its going better, but first time I visited your site and I saw the music theme autoplaying video (the guy playing guitar) I found it so great.

Can we have that on the homepage?

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@emmanuel Absolutely! I have a few more tweaks to do as well as wire up some loose pieces. Hopefully done by tomorrow sometime.