Zap isn't detecting file from Bubble

I’m using Documental to convert a page into a PDF. It saves to my database as a Google docs link. I need to upload that to my Google Drive account. I’m trying to use the Zapier integration to snag the file after it’s created to upload it. I’ve tried all variations in the section for file 1 of the Zapier plugin for Bubble. When I go to select file 1 on Zapier’s side it shows me “link_to_file/random_file_1.pdf”. If the zap does work it uploads a text file that contains the file name. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be most appreciative.

Head back to the Documental Demo, look for the new demo “SnapShot to Bubble Thing”.

  • The major update we have planned and are in the middle of building includes automatic push to drive so you wont need to save or route through your app at all in your case.

Thank you very. Extremely helpful. When you created a custom state in the “New State” action what state type did you use?

Nevermind. I got it figured out. I was able to recreate the whole process. Thank you so much for your help! However, it’s not adding the logo that’s in the group element into the PDF. Is that a setting or am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions as to what part of the documental process I should use to pull the file from for the Zapier plugin?

How far out is the major update? Since it saves to the database I can hold off on setting up the Zapier plugin and wait for the update. Thanks again for all your help!!

Its not too far off, in regards to the logo, is it an SVG?

Nope, it’s a JPG. I’ll hold off on the Zapier then. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all your help.

It’s also not saving the signature pad either. I have a waiver form that I want the customer to sign then save the signed page as a pdf. I’ve gotten it to save everything but the signature. Suggestions?