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Zapier + bubble to make ( uber / airbnb) , style massage markrtplace platform

Has anyone done something similar to this? If so can I use your app as a template , or could you help me ?

Please help thanks

You might reach out to this guy -

Not sure if he uses Zapier though.

I successfully ran a limousine/Taxi operation for years in Dubai. And yes it can be done on bubble as i have finished a proof on concept a while back.

Let me know if you need help.

Hey thanks for reply guys

So what would be best method to go about this ? Thanks

Well it’s in terms of tools you would need as a minimum access to the follows. Just of the top of my head

  1. bubble
  2. zapier
  3. an app builder like (need bubble to add OAuth)
  4. html element in bubble with Google map to have navigation and return mileage and duration
  5. know how :wink:
  6. payment provider
  7. SMS provider

Hey @Sosuke ,
I think @brentsum has something for that on here New Video Course: Build a marketplace app like AirBnb with Bubble

Take care.