Zerocode Video Player

@levon regarding the video player would it be possible to add the isPlaying: ture or false function to the players states?

Also when adding the player to a repeating group, the videos do not update in their respective record without a full page refresh? Is this something that can be fixed? Basically when you add a new record, the records shift down like they should, BUT the videos stay in place. When you refresh they are correct.

Also if you open the player in a popup, the video only works the first time. If you click another video it pulls the same video even though the data sources is the new URL. Again you must refresh the entire page every time for it to work.

It might be a good idea to post this on their forum -

I wish i could, but i never get the activation email so i cant login to his forum :frowning:

Maybe @levon or go though his dev contact page:

we’ll add the state and check the issues that you are having,

strange, did you check the spam folder?

yes its not there… so maybe its getting pre filtered somewhere else by MS outlook but i dunno

is there a possibility of getting a screen shot from one of the frames? I tried using your PDF plugin to capture it, but it seems like it cant see the video… just gets a black box. @levon

@levon is it possible to add the SetToPosition for the audio player too… i am trying to sync the video and audio player together.

@ryan8 we have added isplaying state to the plugin, please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the editor and give it a try

ok we’ll add this too, i’ll update once it’s done

this has been done, please upgrade to the latest version and retry,

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THANK YOU! You are AWESOME!!! @levon

@levon all the play and pause commands on the video player stopped working on the last update.

sorry about that, we’ve fixed it, please upgrade again and retry

No problem thank you very very much !!! :slight_smile:

@ryan8 we have discovered that if you remove the “descending” sorting in the RG then everything works fine, seems to be a Bubble bug and I suggest filing a bug report -

we have fixed this, please install the latest version and retry,

@levon i am still having the problem where the video player does not update with the source video ONLY if it is a VIMEO video. Youtube videos work fine.

Also is there anyway to get the length of the video / audio files?

Also bubble does not think the sorting issue is from them. I have removed the descending option and it still has the problem in reverse. When you delete the video they dont shift up correctly.

So the issue is there, just backwards

hey Ryan,
we’ll check these issues

@levon i just wanted to check on the issues with opening the videos up in a popup and the not loading the correct video. So just to refesh when you open up videos the first video works but then i wont load any other videos. Watch Video