Ziggeo not working on Mobile

I am trying to use the Ziggeo plugin to access the phone’s camera, but i am unable to do so. When I run the build as a native app, the Ziggeo video record box and button don’t even show up, and when I try as a responsive website, then i only get a cancel button that pops up. Help!

What OS ? Works well on Android.

Works on iOS too.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong then, is there a walkthrough anywhere on how to use ziggeo in an app?

Sign up for a Ziggeo Account.

Find your Appication Token.

Add the Plugin, and copy in the token.

Add “Video Input” to page.

That is really about it.

I keep having this happen. And I am unable to press cancel and when I press done, the Bubble app crashes.

Ah, hadn’t seen it was a native app.

That is the Bubble app, iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1

Well, I can’t reproduce your exact issue. But the Bubble App just crashes when I try to record a video. And it works ok on Safari.

It plays back OK.

So a bug :frowning:

Yeah I was able to get it working on mobile chrome, so i think its just the Bubble app. Thanks for your help!

There might be a bug with the native app. Unfortunately, as we’re in beta, we can’t guarantee that everything works well for native.

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I’ve got exactly the same issue:

I’m in the Bubble app to test my native app. I tap the “Record” button and get a bug - the floating cancel button that can’t be tapped, and no video recording. It works fine in browser preview on the PC, just not inside the Bubble app.

P.S. Just tested a live version of my app in the Safari browser on the iPhone 6 (iOS version 9.3.2) and it worked fine:

I tapped “Record” and a system dialogue asked if I wanted to record a video or use one from the library. I chose ‘record a video’ and it took me to the Camera app, recorded a video, and I then tapped “Use video” which returned to the app page and uploaded the recorded video automatically. All working as it should.

I hope it’s just a problem with the Bubble app. Has anyone tested Ziggeo integration in a real app on the Apple Store / Google Play? If it doesn’t work, what alternatives do we have for native app video recording?

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Any updates on this issue? I’m worried about asking to publish my app on the Apple / Android stores if the Ziggeo integration isn’t working.

Is there a way to test apps on the App Store ? Other than the beta Bubble App ?

Bubble Beta iPad will come soon?

Probably not. That’s part of the native push.

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Do you have a timeline for the native push?

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Unfortunately no. I used to give one, but we can’t really commit to this so I’d rather not…

That’s fair. Thanks for everything you guys have put out so far. I really love working with it!

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