ZQ AWS File Uploader - Create multiple DB files from upload

Hi Bubblers,
I’m using Zeroqode’s AWS File Uploader to store all of my files in my S3 bucket. I’ve set it up and the action of uploading is working perfectly. I have managed to set up a workflow for adding the URL to a text DB item (just a single text) so that the item can be displayed back (e.g., an avatar fro a user being the DB Asset called Avatar, type text.

What I was hoping to do is to have attachments for other items which I was going to display as a list of texts (so, extract the URL for each of the uploads as a text item in a list). I’ve set that up but when I run the workflow nothing happens.

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 11.19.51 am

Here’s a screen shot of the example where ‘Attachments’ is a list of texts. Any help or advice on how to set this up would be great.

Hello, @ddiaz
Thanks for using our plugin.

The flow you are trying to implement is pretty complex, and in order to understand how exactly we can help you, please share with us more details on your scenario.

We need to understand how exactly you are trying to display the list of URLs, how you are extracting the URLs for each file and etc. since we don’t have a complete picture of the flow you are creating.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team