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Hello, bubblers! :wave:

My name is Victor, and today I am launching my 100% bubble-made app on Product Hunt. It took me 4 months and 3 other failed SAAS products to build something as complicated as that.
I went to the depth of Bubble, I never previously experienced - Oauth, complex APIs with a lot of manual tweaking, recursive workflows, etc.

I really owe it to this forum, it saved me multiple times when I was beating my head against the wall for a few days straight, trying to build the new feature or fixing a bug.
Thank you all! Bubble community is the best!

Here is my app, would really appreciate your support! :rocket:
:point_right: ZUQ.AI for Facebook Messenger - Create your own AI customer support agent No code required | Product Hunt


What 3rd party service are you using for AI?

Great website. Great name.

I tried GPT-3, but chose to go with later.

Thank you, appreciate your support :slight_smile: