10/08/18 Bubble Update - What Exactly does it mean?


For the 10/08/18 server update that notes: “Added ability to search the app by datasources and messages” Can someone from the bubble team explain what this means and how we can utilize?

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Yeah I think the wording is a bit unclear with regards to the definition of ‘Messages’ but essentially it relates to the search options to find things, objects, elements on your web app. It can be found on the search tool in the top right of the browser:

Then the 2 new additions ‘Datasources’ and ‘Messages’.

The ‘Uses datasources’ appears to be very handy…but haven’t tested out the ‘Uses messages’ and to be honest not quite sure of its purpose yet - maybe someone can shed some light?

p.s. I think this update deserved a post with a quick bit of info :smiley:

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Here’s the feature announcement.

Often when you use a datasource you use a message as well. For instance, if you specify, “Current user’s email”, you are using the “Current user” datasource and the “'s email” message. Similarly, you might use a source of text as a datasource with a message like “contains”. This feature allows you to search the app for places you’ve used a specific message.

Since messages are specific to a certain data type, when selecting a message to search by you first choose the relevant data type your message operates on. For instance, if you’re looking for an instance where you use the greater than operator, you’d select number as the type before selecting the “>” message.


Great thanks for the confirmation.