[New Feature] Ability to search by datasources and messages

Hi Everybody,

We’ve expanded the functionality of the search palette to search the app by datasources and messages:

Searching by datasources will turn up all elements that use a given datasource (such as “Current user”, “Do a search for”, “Get data from an external API”…). Results might be page elements, workflow items, or events.

Messages are selectors used to get specific properties of a piece of data: if a field loads “Current user’s email”, “Current user” is the datasource and “'s email” is the message. Since messages are specific to specific data, to search the app by messages you first select the relevant data type (user, text, number, yes/no), and then the specific message (is, is not, contains, etc). Once again, searching by messages will turn up any component of your app that uses that message.


Brilliant! Thanks team!

Could someone clarify what exactly would be the use-case for “search for” datasource selection?

I see that when I select “search for”, it doesn’t give any other sub-option to select. So does it mean it will search all the instances where “search for” is used? Except probably for an app which is two weeks old, I am not able to see who would be needing this.

While on the other hand, I find myself looking for all the instances where a certain data type was searched or a data type was searched with constrain on a field etc. I haven’t been able to find that ever (I’ve been using unreliable workarounds so far). Today I decided to dig into it more. Couldn’t find anything in documentation and got just this in the forum.

Am I misunderstanding the feature and is there a way to achieve what I am looking for?

@mghatiya It would be nice it it lets us specify a more specific data source like a Search with specific constraints, but it looks like its just for “Find me anywhere where Current User is used” or “Find me anywhere where a search is done”

Thanks @tylerboodman

I wonder if this feature is adding value to people.