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100% responsive page height for login screen (example included)

I’ve seen quite a few posts on this, but nothing seems to be a reliable solution and most from over a year ago.

This is the screen i’m trying to recreate:

Where I want a 100% responsive height app, (which I’ll use across all pages) and then I can apply scrolling to the group on the left.

Can anyone advise how to make Bubble app pages 100% responsive, in a simple manner? This seems oddly complicated.

Watch this, and reply back if you still need help


There’s a lot of solution, but can you show your current app setting /design? Maybe a link to see ?

You can consider using a shape, image or floating group…
Or some plugins may fit your needs

Thank you for the plugin, it works perfectly. One note is while trying to set it up, I found that the value “0” covers 100% of the page, and it was not very intuitive or clear in the documentation. (I was using 100 and it was doing nothing, as it means 0%).

True, hence the term offset. But yes can be better communicated

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