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1T - CSV uploader set up issue

I am happy that this plugin was created! I am having issues with the setup. In the setup video, Eli, explains that in the backend workflow, I need to schedule a workflow list.

But in this setup up, I am missing setup information that does not allow me to finish, specifically where it says “file” under “ignore privacy rules…”.

Are there any missing steps I could have missed?

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got the same problem :confused: @eli can you help?

@theblackcvrd @fok_ste you need to create the second workflow and add a parameter to it. That’s why you’re not seeing the “file” option.

First create the API workflow with the upload data as csv action. In this API endpoint create a parameter to accept to the csv file from the “router” as Eli calls it in his tutorial. This is the endpoint which Eli has named “upload-csv-sale” in his video. Now you can create the router endpoint (“upload-csv-sale-router”) and you will see the “file” option (or whatever you’ve named your parameter).

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Hello. Perhaps not the right place to post this, but did not notice any other threads discussing my issue for this plugin. I just wrote the author, but figured I would post here as well.

Can this plugin be used to import the CSV and parse the data to create Things in a Data Type? When I saw the mapping functionality, I assumed it could do this, but do not see that demonstrated in the video tutorial and cannot locate any other documentation.

I want to create a Thing for each row in the uploaded CSV. Any guidance or advice is appreciated.



@ktobias Yes you can create things of a data type. This happens with the “Upload Data as CSV” action. For example, in Eli’s video he has a datatype called “Uploaded Sales”. For each row in his CSV, the app will create 1 new instance of the datatype Uploaded Sales.

2 Issues:
How can I check for an existing entry (i.g. based on an ID) and if Count >= 1 then that the data for this thing will be updated to avoid duplicates?

2nd: I’ve issues using ; instead of , in my CSV files.
With a comma seperated CSV file everything looks fine. The issue is that in Germany you have per default a semicolon separated csv file also because that comma is used for numbers as a delimiter.

any ide how to solve this?

cheers mates - any idea?

also I’ve got a 3rd issue. German umlauts (ä,ö,ü…) will be replaced with “?”…

Hi @fok_ste ,

I think, this plugin does not handling with accent characters found in the column value.

Need to convert the Accent character into unicode, it will show like u0300 to read the data from csv file . After that we need to convert back to accent character while saving to DB.