How to send JSON to backend workflow from frontend workflow?

Hey all,

TLDR: I’m trying to send JSON text to a backend workflow but unsure how to do it

Heres the set up:

  • Using 1T-CSV uploader to upload data. Then taking the JSON text
  • Created a workflow API ‘csv_upload_product_router’ to receive this JSON text. I’ve initialized the workflow API via Postman. Then schedule a new workflow on a list ‘csv_upload_product’ using the Objects detected in the JSON
  • Run ‘csv_upload_product’ to create new object, etc

Issue, I’m having:
Once the CSV file is uploaded via 1T- CSV I’m not seeing an option for calling the ‘csv_upload_product_router’ workflow, so how do I send the JSON text to it?

Do I need to use the API connecter to send the data to ‘csv_upload_product_router’?

Front end workflow to send data to csv_upload_product_router:

‘csv_upload_product_router’ set up:

Solution I ended up using:

  • Upload CSV with 1T-Uploader, and convert to JSON text. Send JSON text to API connector
  • Use API connector to send JSON to backend workflow using workflow API. The reason I couldn’t get this working initially was because I had to set up the Headers as: Key: 'Content-Type' Value: 'application/json'

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