2 duplicates created from one thing via workflow

My goal is to create a new data from user created data. There are two data types in my DB. One is new orders, the other one is queued orders. Whenever a user creates a new order, DB trigger event creates queued order from the new order in the data base. My issue is that the trigger event creates 2 duplicate things from one new order. Like it’s repeating the same action twice. Whenever there is a new order created, it creates 2 of them in the queued order data tab.

It would a huge problem since it could end up sending the same order twice.

It’s probably an error with the way you’ve set your trigger event up… I’d check in the system logs to see what’s going on…

Having said that, why do you need to use a DB trigger event here? Can’t you just create the ‘Queued Order’ when the ‘New Order’ is created…

(on a side-note, do you even need 2 separate datatypes for this?.. can’t you just have a status field on the Order to mark whether it’s a new order or a queued order?)

My final goal is to send the order data to a discord channel one at a time. It’s possible that multiple new orders can be created at the same time when there is heavy traffic on the website. The discord channel takes care of the order delivery, but it needs more than 30 seconds to finish its current order before working on a new order. I am trying to create queue on the new orders so they will be sent one by one no matter how many new orders are created at the same time. I am fairly new with bubble.io or website development as a whole. Any help would be really appreciated.