Need help with sending data to an external API one by one with time gap between each

Good day everyone.
I am sorry if my title doesn’t make any sense. English is not my first language.
I run an online service where people buy digital goods. I am so happy that I found bubble. Cuz I can finally make my work 100 percent automated and take a day off which I haven’t taken for a long time.
My bubble app is almost ready. But there is only one problem left to solve. When a user creates a new order, it’s sent to a discord channel and the channel takes care of delivery. I am using a plugin to send order data to discord channel. Sometimes there are more than 20 orders created at the same time by different people. Unfortunately, the discord channel can handle only one order at a time. There must be at least 10 seconds before the next order is received by the channel, so it can finish its current task and be ready for the next one.

I tried recursive workflow tutorial, but it sends every orders again starting from the one created the earliest. Even when I have yes/no field which tells if the order is delivered or not, it just sends all of them.

How do I make bubble send only the newly created orders one by one with X amount of time gap between each?

Thanks for your help!

Use the Db Triggers.

So create a table “Queue” and add all the orders into that table.

Now setup the db Triggers such that (whenever you get new entry => schedule the workflow for 'current time + (number of undelivered jobs * 15 )sec ’

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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