2 Questions: Creating elements on the fly, and HUD resizing

Hi, I have enjoyed coding in Bubble quite a bit! I have run into a recent roadblock though, and had a question in the following subjects and would love some help.

Question 1) I am creating a web page and I need to be able to create elements on the fly (with inheritable workflows) from parent elements. Is there a way to do this with an add-on, or via JS?

I’ve tried using repeating groups, but the elements I need could range from 10-20 per page, or into almost 1000’s+. I’d hate to have to load and key that many elements by hand and hide them using hide/show workflow trees.

Question 2) I’d like to resize the web page I created to fit different layout styles, i.e.: Mobile, Desktop, etc etc, but I would also like to ensure control over these formats to make sure that the pages are fitting properly on different devices. Does bubble allow me to do this, in a high precision way?

Or do I need to create an entire mobile app version for this type of situation, and it’s orientations?



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