2 stripe payment errors in last 2 days (client paid, shows unpaid)

I don’t have much to add to this, just checking to see if anyone else is having problems.

My site processes 30 payments a day for the last year. Twice this week a client paid via stripe but the site did no recognize the payment (shows it still unpaid)

Have no idea. Just seeing if anyone else is having issues? I’m using the bubble payment

I’m using the Stripe plugin (by bubble)

If your site did not recognize the payment, I would lookup when the payment occurred in your Server Logs and see if your Data was properly edited after the payment was processed. If it wasn’t there must be a problem, if it was then there must be some where else where the data got changed.

Also investigate all the changes you made in the workflow, that could prevent Stripe working properly.

Just double checked some payment records in my own app since it’s a major and regularly used feature and I couldn’t find any missed payment data. If you let me know the specific Date and Time of a missed payment data I can double check around that time with my own data to see if it was something with the connection between Bubble and Stripe. But I have a feeling this is specific to the way the data is being saved in the app and not the Stripe plugin/API

Same here but lats 12 days. 5 transactions issues with Stripe. No update from me regarding the checkout workflow so this is weird. I’ve added some plugins recently but nothing in the page.

I checked the logs and the problem is always after the action “Charge the current user” from the stripe plugin (by Bubble). When it doesn’t work I don’t see any further action by the user (change the state of the order, send the validation e-mail, etc.). When it works hopefully most of the time, it performs the following actions well.

I will try to call the customers who had this bug to find out what happened, but I’m sure it’s just after the transaction from the Stripe’s page. They are not correctly returned to my checkout page afterwards.

@jeffmccutcheon any news?

Is that with V3 of the plugin then with Stripe hosted pages?
I am using V2 with the Checkout Popup

Yes V3 with Strip hosted pages. But I have been using it for a few months now and never had this issue.

I would also have liked to test with the 2-step verification active with some credit card providers. Because maybe it’s after this second step that users are not redirected to my checkout page. But with the Stripe test card I can’t test it or I don’t know how to do.

I haven’t tried this but you may be able to use one of these test card numbers to test it: https://stripe.com/docs/testing#three-ds-cards

Oh thanks a lot! I didn’t think it existed :sweat_smile:
So after few test with 2 steps, it seems that this is not involving in the issue.

You can track exactly what happened within the Stripe dashboard. Have a look at Events and compare it with the Developers log and your Bubble logs.

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Thanks. The time of the most recent was 5/13/2021, 2:21:42 PM EST

I’m not sure what the mistake could be in the way the data is being saved. It’s basically
Step 1. Charge the Current User
Step 2. Change "Paid?’ yes/no field to “Yes”

Am I correct that the steps after “charge the current user” are carried out on successful payment (and only on successful payment) ?