Urgent. Stripe Plugin suddenly not working


All of a sudden, we had issues with taking payments online. Nothing changed with our site or in stripe settings, and this literally happened randomly. Everything worked perfectly before.

Using the Bubble Stripe Plugin, with the V3 checkout.

Before, after payment had completed, it would re-direct back to the bubble page and complete the workflow (marking order as paid etc)

Now, it takes payment, but doesnt complete the workflow. So we’re having clients making payments but not getting notified (other than the stripe dash) which is not great.

The strange thing is this works perfectly in the Version-Test environment, and only when I actually pay does it throw a problem.

Any ideas would be amazing, as this is a real issue at the moment.



Hey Rory,

Our team would be happy to investigate this! Would you mind submitting a bug report so that we could take a look?