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[$20 for solution] How can I use the product of 2 inputs

I have a form that contains 5 inputs: A, B, C, D and E.

These inputs are later used in a repeated group element. Within this repeated group element, a text element is used to calculate the product of A and B.

I’m running into some issues when I try to either record the result within the database, or when I try to retrieve the result within another repeated group element. I can retrieve the product easily within another repeated group element, but then it does it throughout the entire repeated group element which is not what im trying to do.

If someone could provide me with some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hey @dmichaud03

If you wanna send a DM we can chat about a few more details but I Can help you with this!

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Kindly please provide more details about your issue. I think you are trying to add various attributes for the product and its common to all product?

What i want to do is extremely simple in excel but not so easy in bubble. Ive included a Google sheet as a simple example

A1 and B1 are input within a form I have created.

C1 is the product of A1 and B1 (=A1*B1)
It is NOT an input, simply a formula. Very simple to do on Bubble.

I then have a repeated group shown in A6 to A15

A6 is simple a reference to C1 (=C1)
C7-C15 is a repeated formula referencing the previous cell and B1 exclusively. Example:



This is extremely easy to do on excel. Once you have the first formula, you can simply copy it indefinitely. However, it seems a little complicated to do on Bubble.

Unable to access your excel sheet

It’s open now

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Please refer below screen,

Please check and let me know, is this you are looking?

Here you go! I put together a simple plugin to do this. it was only a few lines in javascript. I tried to find the javascript to bubble plugin but couldn’t put my hands on it :cry: but JS is the easiest way to do this in my opinion.

This seem to be a little closer to what I am trying to do, however when I play around with the numbers in A and B, sometimes the result are off

Ok got it. i will check, if you needed.

I have updated my solution based on your private feedback.

Check it out now!

Perfect!! Do you have cashapp?

I dont have cashapp but can provide you a stripe invoice

And did you still have to use Javascript for this to work?

yes. i coded a custom plugin and can share it with you!

This is a perfect solution but Im looking for a solution that doesn’t require the use of a plugin

In that case, I better get this right! Here is a JS free solution. quick and efficient. Vanilla Bubble only

so, does 2 distinct approaches warrant 2 distinct payments ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

the magic occurs behind door number 3

no backend workflows required!

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Okay, sorry for the delayed response. I will try this option when I get home tonight. If it works properly, I will send you the $20 I promised. And also will keep contact for future help


Perfect! As soon as I confirm receipt, I’ll release this editor so you can copy all the relevant pieces. Today or tomorrow I’ll record a short video that talks you through what’s going on!

We should continue in DM’s to not flood the forum