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2021 - Best way to generate and scan Qr codes?

Hi everyone. Whats the best way to generate and read Qr codes ?

Ive seen a few plugins but all have very mixed reviews and most free ones look somewhat abandoned.

My goal is to create an event ticket with a Qr code for a guest, and for another user (host of event) to be able to scan the ticket to sign in the guest.

Any help is appreciated.


I use the agile qr code plugin - purely because I wanted backend workflow capability. No complaints from me (I only use the generate function, not the scan so can’t comment on that)


I use QR code generator to SVG - no complaints. Haven’t tried any others to be fair.


Thanks for the recommendations, I decided to try the free option and used the “QR code generator to SVG plugin”. Super easy to get setup to make the Qr code. Thats the ticket creation sorted for guests.

Just have to do the scanning/reading side of it now for the hosts side of the app.

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If you scan any QR code with an Iphone it will open the URL encoded into the QR code. (probably the same on all smart phones)

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My generated code is a unique string of random numbers, rather than a link. so if you scan it with the inbuilt scanner it just assumes its a phone number. So i need to be able to process this number within the bubble app.

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got it :+1:

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Ive used the free plugin “QR code scanner” and im now able to scan and print the qr code in Text onto the page.

Just need to work out how to make the app find this in the code database and then make changes to it. (change the ticket from “unused” to “used” so it cant be scanned twice etc)

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Ok so everything works … almost.

I can scan a qr code and process it correctly. Current , Non existent, wrong event, already scanned etc.

However because i send information to start the scanner as an Event type , then end as a ticket type i cannot continuously scan tickets one after the other without first returning to the event page to re-send through the event pages data. (the event the ticket is generated for)

Any ideas how to do this so it flow a bit better? I have the unique ID of the event in the ticket info, so i tried to use this in a search to pull the event data back up but doesnt seem to work.

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Solved using URL parameter for the event tickets are being scanned for, rather than taking data from current event. Essentially its the same thing, just easier to retain the whole way through the scans if you’re doing them one after the other in a repetitive loop. Works perfect now.


Hello Mike, do you have a more detailed documentation of your building process? I need to build nearly the exact same thing + storing the event data in a user´s personal qr-code. The main part is to have ticket qr codes + the users personal qr code for paying at the event. Very much the same application as this Grid App - Ausführliche Demonstration - YouTube.

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Hi @juliwo14

Ill send you a message soon, my app can do everything that Grid App shows + it can also handle the onboarding of events by users, ticket payments by other users and can collect fees for the app using Stripe connect.


Hi @Mike_S I am also interested in your building process.

Hi @juliwo14 very interesting App. Thanks for posting.

After updating my iPhone to iOS 15, this plugin stopped working. It does not read/scan the QR code anymore. It is working with Android perfectly.

If you have an iPhone, do you currently face a similar problem? I would like to know if I am the only one having this problem, or it’s on the end of the plugin.

Thank you

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