3 Timezones Effecting A Date / Time

I have a Bubble app back end and an external IOS and Android app.

The mobile apps send dates/times to Bubble’s back end in UTC.

Does Bubble preserve this UTC when saving it in the database? Or does it change it to something else?

The next hurdle I’m trying to get through is the Date / Time is for an airport in a different time zone than the UTC time collected in the mobile app.

I am able to determine the offset from UTC of the airport, but what I’m trying to then do is add travel time to the date/time of departure at that airport, in order to arrive at an arrival time.

Every time I do this I get wild results, and I think that Bubble’s server (or the current user’s browser who’s adding the time) is playing games on me.

So I try and take the UTC time sent to Bubble from the mobile app, run a function on it that +seconds from the UTC offset of the departure airport time zone (based on lat/long) and then once it’s in the format that I believe it should be, add “X” time in +hours to the newly created date and then save it again or save it as a text/string.

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