3600 editor issues


Coming back to the editor after 4 days away, I suddenly have 3615 issues, when before I had 0. I haven’t changed anything. I tried updating all plugins and I’m now on the latest Bubble version, but the issues remain. The issues are a mix of many types. I’m using Airdev’s Canvas v4.1.5 template.

What can I do? I’ve been working on this app for over a year, so hope it can be recovered…

This is very odd.

What do you mean with this? There are errors in all pages and alements?
You need to start diggin the root of this problem. Can you share some of these errors, pages, elements and workflows where they are happening?

They’re actually all ‘…is not a possible option’. It’s seemingly across all pages, and a variety of items.


Experienced something similar. Turned off the new expression builder, reloaded the page and the issues were gone.

I recently turned that on, but turning it off did not work unfortunately… I’ve also turned off the other two experimental features.

Maybe try reverting to a save point (doesn’t have to be an actual save point, you can just revert to a point in time before you enabled the new expression composer)

They recently changed the subscription model so I can’t revert back more than 48 hours on the Starter plan :roll_eyes: The next level up is $132/month… Since the last change was 4 days ago I’m stuck.

Hopefully that can solve it for you. Would also contact the support, as it seems to be not a common error.

Do these happen to all be custom styles? If you click on an issue and adjust the style of the element, does the issue go away?

I suggest you to start solving one, two, three… and suddenly you will find the root cause of it (that should be the same). It is probably something you use A LOT and have suffered some change/update.

Clicking on the issue list item in the issues window actually fixes several dozen at a time. I don’t need to click on the dropdown to reselect the style or whatever. It’s a slog but hopefully this will fix them all.

Before that, try clearing browser caches?

Too late, I cleared them by clicking approx. 50 times. I’l try that next time.

Thank you, all who took time to help :slight_smile:


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