Issue affecting numerous plugins and page layouts; please submit bug reports

A little while ago it was working fine. Now it gives me the following error:

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Also with Air Calendar!!!

Both disappeared from all my apps out of nowhere!

@ZeroqodeSupport HELP!

Im seeing the same issue with @Thimo’s apex charts plugin.

Looks like bubble introduced a bug in the past hour where plugins cannot access “properties.bubble”.

The more bug reports filed the quicker bubble will respond to this! Bug Report | Bubble


I’m seeing the same with the Rich Text Editor plugin. Filing bug report now.

I am sending all the problem reports

It seems to be affecting several plugins…

@mikeloc is it possible to change this post’s title to prevent other user to create another topics reporting similar issues with other plugins?


Ah, great point, @rpetribu… I have already directed a couple of new threads to this one… I will change the title.


Yup, and the same with the Loader / Loading Screen + Lottie” plugin by AirDev…

Bug report submitted as well

Oh at least it’s not just mine. Some peace of mind. thank you

Seeing the same thing, thanks for the flag @andy.i! It seems like this is affecting most of the Bubble plugins. I will submit a bug report and I would advise everyone to do the same thing!

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Rich text Editor plugin is also not rendering… I have already submitted a bug report

Masonry grid in repeating groups not working as well. Already submitted a bug report.

Same here, but another plugin!

This is a terrible bug! It has broken so much of my app. I have a variety of inputs that are now broken. Not to mention every icon. I have submitted a bug report.

We’re having same problem here with:

  • AirDate / Time picker
  • SVG Icon (Dynamic icon)

My whole app is just unusable and I’m having a lot of user complaining.

@emmanuel @laura.oppenheimer Are the tech team aware of it?

Bubble support must be on fire right now, and rightly so. Great work with the bug reports, folks… that’s the way to get this resolved asap.


I’m already not that great at Bubble- this broke my head :confounded: Submitted report

Bugs from all sorts of plugins, even Bubble’s native plugins

bug me too pls my clients ARE HARASSING ME