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3rd Party Apps in Bubble


I noticed a new feature for 3rd party apps. Can you please explain what this is and how it can be used?

We’re going to communicate more about that at some point, but in a nutshell, this is the ability to become an Oauth provider so that other services can have their users use their credentials on your Bubble app to sign up to their service.

We haven’t released the full API yet, so right now, after the users log in to another service with their Bubble account, you can’t access much of their data, but we’re working on it.

Interesting. Will it allow 3rd party apps to write in our Bubble database ?

Yes, at some point. When we’ll open our API, we’ll enable workflows to be run on the server with an API call.

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Emmanuel, do you have a rough idea when you’ll open up your API with writing access for 3rd party apps ?
Then I’ll be able to connect my app with a 3rd party payment service in a much more secure way than now (unfortunately I can’t use Stripe).

Can’t commit with 100% certainty, but likely within the next 2 months.