404 page not found : how to?


Still noob, really sorry if this question is stupid, bit I’m facing a problem.

I use slugs to access “thing” pages (slugs created by bubble when I create the thing). No problem at all if I access the page of an existing thing. But if I delete the thing item from the database and I reuse the same url, I succeed to display the page, even if all elements populated from the database are empty.

I gave a try, and if I typed a wrong url, I also experimented the same issue, so I guess I have something to set in my app to display the 404 page, but I desperately don’t know what…

Could one of you guys explain to me how to ensure the 404 page is displayed if the url is incorrect / the thing is not found?

Many thanks! :pray:t2:


I definitively don’t know and don’t find how to manage the use case where someone types the url https://mybubble.app/page/bin his browser and see the page displayed with no data, instead of get the 404 page not found displayed.

So… I guess the 404 page does not work for data / slugs, and so, any tips to get the url’s slug analyzed BEFORE the page is loaded?

Many thanks for your help!

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same question now. Thanks!

It’s built in.
Pre-requesite : You have to have the default 404 Bubble page that is being created when you start a new app >> design it as it suits you (colors, logo, message etc.)

How this works : as soon as your URL is calling a page that doesn’t exist the system automatically redirects towards your 404 page.

Attention : When your URL points at an existing page with an empty content (if you are retrieving content based on URL parameters) it does not trigger a redirect to 404. This redirect only works when trying to navigate to a page that does not exist (no matter the content of that page). Wrong or empty URL parameters (tab etc.) will just be ignored and will not trigger a 404 redirection.

Same problem here. I haven’t found a server-side solution, but a soft check for Thing against the slug called can be used for soft redirect.

For instance when all users have slugs and a bad SLUG is called, the retrieved Thing would be empty, even against the very same slug. Then redirect where-ever you want.