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404 page not found : how to?


Still noob, really sorry if this question is stupid, bit I’m facing a problem.

I use slugs to access “thing” pages (slugs created by bubble when I create the thing). No problem at all if I access the page of an existing thing. But if I delete the thing item from the database and I reuse the same url, I succeed to display the page, even if all elements populated from the database are empty.

I gave a try, and if I typed a wrong url, I also experimented the same issue, so I guess I have something to set in my app to display the 404 page, but I desperately don’t know what…

Could one of you guys explain to me how to ensure the 404 page is displayed if the url is incorrect / the thing is not found?

Many thanks! :pray:t2:


I definitively don’t know and don’t find how to manage the use case where someone types the url his browser and see the page displayed with no data, instead of get the 404 page not found displayed.

So… I guess the 404 page does not work for data / slugs, and so, any tips to get the url’s slug analyzed BEFORE the page is loaded?

Many thanks for your help!