Creating your own slugs without a page

So… many people have asked, and there haven’t been any good answers. How can you make it so your site loads (dynamically) a page slug at

Well the straight-forward answer is no, you can’t. But on the other hand, it still is possible with some magic. Now for that magic, it is very simple and straight-forward. You don’t need any plugins, or any code, it just works.


That’s pretty much it.

So, what I did was make a video to help you guys figure it out, and hopefully it does the job.

Now, you will still need to learn a bit on conditionals and how to dynamically load your SEO information, but hopefully this will get you guys started.

First example I made: here
Use the following slugs to test:

This is the first example I made, not the video.

Editor link for demo video project: Here. The slugs from above are not the same for this project.

Thanks for checking this out!


Nice creative workaround. I assume the point of doing this and not using regular query string parameters would be for SEO purposes. I wonder though if Google can detect that it’s actually a 404 page and thereby undo any SEO improvements?

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Essentially. As far as google detecting if it’s a 404 page? Probably not. It really depends on how quick the information gets to the page before the bot crawls it. I’m pretty sure the meta data you put on your page (within the editor of the page itself), gets embedded in the meta data before page load. I could be 100% wrong though, as I have not tested these principals with Bubble as I do not rely on Bubble for SEO.

my understanding is that pages that respond with a 404 status do not get indexed, and non existing pages in bubble serve the page content with a 404 status so they should not be indexed

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This honestly would be great to test haha. I am working on an app right now (which isn’t live yet), but I’d give it a go if I had some time.

I am not sure how doing this changes the reaction of the 404 “status” but it’s likely it may not work. Guess we won’t know til’ we try on a live app!

you can easily verify it with your teat app as well. the response status is a 404 and that stops the crawler

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